May 3, 2007

This, That and 'Tother

The history class went well. I had a lot of fun finding out just how little those kids really knew. They possessed a very superficial knowledge of history. Actually, they possessed a very superficial knowledge of anything. I’d probably need all semester to really explain how the Franco-Prussian War was related to World War II. As we talked, I saw an intellect formed by the entertainment media. It was sort of disappointing.

But, of course, I’m just an old dude and they are the hope for tomorrow. Times like this really reveal God's wisdom in making His children mortal. I’d hate to live so long that such puff-pieces are the majority!

Another topic: I recently came across a web page dedicated to Lewis Grizzard. That’s GrizZARD, not GRIZzard. I was ecstatic. (Remember when he played the Sugarbaker girls' half-brother on Designing Women? He cracked me up!)

Grizzard was my favorite columnist back in the 70s. As you all know, he wrote for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but was syndicated around the country. His books include Chili Dawgs Always Bark at Night; I Haven’t Understood Anything Since 1962...; Don’t Bend Over In the Garden Granny, You Know Them Taters Got Eyes; If I Ever Get Back to Georgia, I’m Gonna Nail My Feet to the Ground; and that wonderful volume with the best title ever, Shoot Low, Boys, They’re Ridin’ Shetland Ponies.

A long time ago I read Lewis’ advice on what to do if you were in Atlanta and nuclear war broke out. Recently, I saw that statement again. Let me share it here:

"If you live on the South side of Atlanta, get on I-75 and go south. If you live of the North side of Atlanta get on I-75 and go north. If you are a Yankee get on 285."

To quote the title of one of his columns which told of the passing of his precious Lab, Catfish, let me just say this about Lewis:

“He up and died and broke my heart.”

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Rise said...

My favorite: "If you ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes."